1. A new club for

    A new club for "Dickes B"

    The family is growing. Here is your chance to be there when the fifth club in Germany's crazy capital arises. Celebrate with us Berlin style!
    Be our guest and we will show you a the diversity of this vibrant city.


  2. Diversity and Hospitality

    Diversity and Hospitality

    The city is colorful, culturally diverse, steeped in history, constantly changing, poor and sexy at the same time. We show you the ups and downs of the city, where the rich and famous celebrate, but also where the subcultures rock; away from the usual tourist routes. Be our guest!

  3. Summer in the city

    Summer in the city

    In this city, the ever-changing metropolis, the beauty of Berlin's architecture, the historical heritage and subcultural underground movements are close together and are closely interwoven. We'll show it to you on a single summer weekend! The time when Berlin is most beautiful.

    Charter weekend Round Table 178

    June 22nd - 24th, 2018, Berlin, Germany

      "Die Sonne versinkt
      Der Himmel wird Pink
      Die Nacht beginnt dein Leben macht wieder Sinn
      Hmm fühlst du den Asphalt schwingen
      Eine Macht die dich in deinen Nachtclub zwingt
      Alle wollen hin oder sind auf`m Weg
      In deiner Stadt steht der Magnet
      Er zieht alle an, alle ziehen sich aus
      Seeed im Haus, wo-Ho
      So sieht es aus"

      (Seeed, 2012)


      Björn Richerzhagen

      +49 172 6236909


      "Berliner Jungs auf Abwegen,
      kurz vorm Abheben,
      Die erste Platte machen is'
      wie'n extra dickes Ei legen"

      (Seeed, 2001)